Study and Stay in Nova Scotia

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Apply now for a chance to join a select group of 50 students who will study in Nova Scotia, Canada, as members of our unique Study and Stay Program.  Please note, it is preferred that you submit your application to the Study and Stay program, after accepting an offer to join one of Nova Scotia's institutions as you'll be required to submit proof of your acceptance during the applicaiton process. 

Study and Stay (S&S) Program

The Study and Stay program is a province wide cohort program that recruit 50 international students from three international markets. Students who successfully gain entry to the Study and Stay program will travel to Canada to pursue their University or College studies in September 2017. Students will receive specialized services and supports targeted toward their specific needs, such as assistance in cultural adaptation, English language and workplace communication skills, making meaningful workplace and other social connections. Students will be provided with enhanced support throughout their studies in Nova Scotia to ensure each student gains the education, tools, and community connections needed to launch a successful career and fulfilling life in Nova Scotia, Canada.